Saturday: 7 Bands to See/Hear at Pouzzafest

Saturday: 7 Bands to See/Hear at Pouzzafest

The avalanche or power chords, pizza and poutine that is Montreal’s Pouzzafest continues today with another schwackload of bands from around North America and the world. I added 32 from the Saturday line-up to my nerd-core spreadsheet of bands if you’re the kind of person that needs to know about all of the music.

Otherwise, check out these 7 that are playing today…

Audio Viceral – Vancleek Ontario

Punk infused power garage
Foufounes Electrique @ 4:55 PM

Dutch Nuggets – Montreal

Speed punk for the fans of the 90’s Fat Wreck Chords sounds.
Katacombes @ 5:30 PM

Not Half Bad – Fort Worth, Texas

Raw, fun, finger waving punk rock.
Theatre Ste-Catherine @ 6:45 PM

Fullcount – Quebec City

Pseudo melodic sing-along punk with just enough shout out parts.

Katacombes @ 7 PM

Dead Precedents – Asbury Park, New Jersey

Cocky, threatening punch out rock and roll.
Bar L’exit @ 7:30 PM

Dee Cracks – Austria

Growly Oi style vocals and catchy little choruses.
Pirhana @ 9 :25 PM

The Muffs – California

Kim Shattuck from the pixies in a straight ahead garage punk band.
Foufounes Electrique @ 9:55 PM
{too fancy for band camp so just go}

Brutal Youth – Toronto

High octane, spin kicking, speed punk.
Katakombs @ 11:30


Koji – Pennsylvania

Angellic acoustic anglo jams – perfectly timed and placed for a drunken $5 Poutine.
Frite Alors @ 12:30 AM

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