Sorry bud. This Robot is a better Scratch DJ than You.

Sorry bud. This Robot is a better Scratch DJ than You.

You could argue that scratching in a DJ set pretty much hit its apex 15 years ago. Like the epic guitar solos of the 80s, what was once a groundbreaking move in music just kinda tired out and became the norm. While it remains part of the modern DJ repertoire, you’ll be hard pressed to find a person who steps on stage to ‘wicka wicka’ over breaks for 40 minutes straight.

With the norm established, automation is the only logical next step. DJ Tech Tools member mushrooshi has taken up the challenge and created a robot capable of throwing down some scratch science.

Check out the smooth hand technique…

and the lazer sharp fader movement…

In his Q & A with DJTT mushrooshi described his utopian scratch robot experience.

I’d like it to be able to perform in two modes: firstly as a reliable “Instant Gratification Scratching” system, where I hold buttons down to play pre-programmed scratch routines on the fly, and secondly as kind of the turntable equivalent of a “player piano”, where a music loop plays and the scratchbot selects random patterns to continuously play.

Fellow user 11Fletcher perfectly predicted what will happen next:

2017 The scratch machine can do almost every scratch technique
2019 The scratch machine can reproduce a DJ Craze routine perfectly
2021, Pioneer present the new CDJ8000, with the new function “Auto-scratch”.
2025, A-Trak and Q-Bert declare “I use auto-scratch as it give me more time to do other thing”.
2032, Sky-Net is the n°1 DJ on Top 100 DJ mag, headliner of all big festival and DMC champion solo and in team category.

It will then of course be turned into an action packed movie entitled DJing – Days of Future past 🙂

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