$WAGWAR – Grinding (feat. DJ Found Dead) #listen

$WAGWAR – Grinding (feat. DJ Found Dead) #listen

DEAFWISH rigger / rapper $wagwar continues to survive the oil recession and spit serious lyrics about life in Alberta’s finest profession. The latest track, produced by Knife Beats, features DJ Found Dead and addresses the million dollar question of how we’re Grinding on the Northcoast.

$wag gives the sage advice of making sure that your crew is making the same figures you are while Found Dead addresses the beauty of getting internet money delivered to your inbox. Two different grindz, with similar outcomes.

Give it a listen…

If you like what you hear, pop by the Swagwar soundcloud and hit the little heart button or shout him out on Twitter. Expect more music from his forthcoming EP Dispatch from the Patch in the next few weeks.

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