Teenage Bottlerocket – They Call Me Steve #watch #punk

Teenage Bottlerocket – They Call Me Steve #watch #punk

Teenage Bottlerocket keeps the smooth pop punk coming well into their 30’s. The latest clip for their middle of the road rocker “They Call me Steve” features a Minecraft inspired theme that is particularly well done.

Northcoast massive respect to the people who put the video together, but I got to think that this idea was inspired by the kids of one of the guys in the band, soooooooooo

Good on ya.

Anyway, give it a look…

Catchy and easy enough to look at, this track is off their new album entitled Tales from Wyoming, which is available yesterday on Rise Records. I listened to the whole album and personally think there are stronger tracks to cut a video for, but who the frack am I to say what some old punks from Wyoming to do with their lives.

Whaddya think?


Summary: Wyoming pop punk quadro Teenage Bottlerocket make a 3d minecraft inspired video for a middle of the road rocker.

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