The King Missile Crisis – DJ Found Dead Mix #nyc #art #rock

The King Missile Crisis – DJ Found Dead Mix #nyc #art #rock

There’s been a lot of nostalgia going on over the last few years for the late 80’s and complete 90’s. Every one is dropping their ears on the audio pen 15 of your usual supects – Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, Coolio, Dinosaur Jr., Ace of Bass, Will Smith, Guns’n’Roses blah, blah, blah….

Fuck that.

Did your friends ever make you listen to King Missile?

I won’t waste your time explaining the guy when you could just read a fan boys account on Wikipedia.

I fell in love with these songs because they’re clunky, awkward and honest. There is a liberal dose of sarcasm and the trolling – yet innocent – message of them has never ceased to make me smile. The mix kicks off blunt and sexy and slowly regresses into solemn introspection.

King Missle Songs in tha mix

  1. Sex With You
  2. Gary and Melissa
  3. Martin Scorsese
  4. Dinosaurs
  5. Jesus was Way Cool
  6. Cheesecake Truck
  7. Sensitive Artist

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