#LISTEN: BHAD BHABIE (aka Cash Me Outside girl) – “These Heaux”

#LISTEN: BHAD BHABIE (aka Cash Me Outside girl) – “These Heaux”

Danielle Bregoli, the teenager who made waves by treating her mom like shi~ on national TV, is trying to transform herself from the “Cash me outside… how ’bout dat?” girl, to Bhad Bhabie – rapper.

Her team telegraphed the move back in February when they dropped the Official Cash Me Outside video featuring a trapped out beat and some decent vocal edits.

Bregoli was linked to some pretty big names when news of her musical aspirations first broke. This 2 minute clip features her rapping for the first time, but the production team is not credited.

As you can see in the artwork, she is officially outside.

How ’bout dat?

Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

If you’re curious about Danielle’s musical tastes – watch this video where she reacts to different music from the past 30 years. She’s really down with with T-pain and talks shi~ about Big Sean.


Summary: Dr. Phil's lil filthy mouthed friend drops her first single and it's soundcloud quality. Expect it to hit hard with ironically hip and the kids under 15.

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