#LISTEN: The Superweaks – Better Heavens #philadelphia #rock

#LISTEN: The Superweaks – Better Heavens #philadelphia #rock

With the 90s running rampant throughout popular culture, Philadelphia rock’n’roll band The Superweaks strut through with a sweater rock album that’s bound to make sure that cute girl in math class notices them at the school talent show.

Pulling a few pages (or a handful) from the Weezer playbook, the Superweaks dial in some smoothy thick tones across this 12 song outing. Songs like ‘I’ll See Myself Out’ almost make self loathing look cool, while Oh God (We’re all so Miserable Now) and Diamond Mind swipe a super like on Rivers Cuomo’s Tinder profile.

Guess what?

It works for them.

Give it a listen & if you like what you hear, swing past their Bandcamp page to pick up a copy. If you’re in the UK or the American mid-west, you can catch The Superweaks on tour through February.

Top Tracks from The Superweaks – Better Heavens

  • Glowing
  • No Future
  • Sooner or Later


Summary: The Superweaks emerge from one of America's original 13 colony's with a strong full length of big tones and catchy riffs.

User Rating: 83% (2 votes).

#LISTEN: The Superweaks – Better Heavens #philadelphia #rock 4.1 5 3

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