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Chivas Brother

The self-proclaimed “undisputed king of the bathroom stall” will be putting his title on the line both lyrically and physically towards the end of the year.

1 Truth, 2 Men, 3 Words: The Chivas Brother.

Get down with what Chivas Brother is sayin’ on tha Twitter.

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  • “Insensitive” SummerSlam 2020 (Deafwish 2009)
  • “Adopt Us” SummerSlam 2020 (Deafwish 2009)
  • “Showdown” Mixtape (Deafwish 2007)


  • “Tha Carter IV” (DEAFWISH 2011)
  • “Troufest Exxclu$ive” (DEAFWISH 2011)
  • “What I Did Last Weekend” (Independant release 2002)
  • “Pro-Am” (Independant release 2002)

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Chivas Brother Party Girl! Chivas Brother! Hot Babe!

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