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Jimi Maze + DEAFWISH = Classics

Jimi Maze is man, myth and a Canadian legend in the making. Through relentless touring, both with his band Canary Mine & solo, Jimi has built up a repertoire to impress any crowd.

He has played clubs, pubs, dorms, festivals and street corners to anyone and everyone; leaving behind the memories of a good time had by all. His unique blend of folk music and hip hop provide rootsy rhymes for goooood times. Period.

Jimi’s DEAFWISH debut is a three song, seven inch record that he recorded live to tape. Backed by an all-star Saskatchewan bred bluegrass band, the Homeless Cracker Maze EP brings an acoustic element to the DEAFWISH roster. It is guaranteed to keep toes tappin’ and the whiskey flowin’.

Listen to the “Homeless Cracker Maze” EP

Jimi Maze – Homless Cracker Maze by DEAFWISH


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